National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices (NQF 6)

Faculty Of  • SAQA ID No. 50331 • NQF6 • 145 Credits • 1

This qualification is for those who are qualified at Certificate, Diploma or Degree level within the Higher Education and Training (HET) band in an academic or occupational area, and wish to act in a variety of Education, Training and Development (ETD) related roles at a high level. This Certificate will enable a person to achieve recognition for Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development (ODETD) competencies at a high level without needing to acquire a Degree in ETD.

Certificate or Diploma at least at level 5.

• Provide information and advice regarding skills development and related issues
• Develop plans for implementing Learnerships and Skills Programmes within a learning organisation
• Provide guidance on the strategic governance of NQF implementation by education, training and development providers
• Define standards for assessment, education, training, and development
• Evaluate a learning intervention using given evaluation instruments
• Design and develop instruments to evaluate Education Training Development
• Evaluate and promote education training and development (ETD) providers, services and products for organisational use
• Complete a research assignment
• Plan and develop an organisational learning framework
• Develop an organisational training and development plan
• Conduct an analysis to determine outcomes of learning for skills development and other purposes
• Demonstrate understanding of outcomes-based education and training approach within the context of a National Qualification Framework
• Guide learners about their learning , assessment and recognition opportunities
• Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies
• Facilitate in complex situations to create learning and growth
• Conduct outcomes-based assessment
• Design and develop outcomes-based assessments

Career Pathways for this course?

  • Learning Design and Development
  • Learning Facilitation
  • Assessment
  • Strategic Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Standards Setting and Qualification Design
  • Skills Development Facilitation
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