Further Education and Training Certificate : Information Technology : Systems Development (NQF 4)

Faculty Of  • SAQA ID No. 78965 • NQF4 • 165 Credits • 1

The purpose of this qualification is to build a foundational entry into the field of Computer Sciences and Information
Technology, specifically into the field of Systems Development, covering basic knowledge needed for further study in
the field of Systems Development at Higher Education Levels.
The qualification can be acquired in the traditional way of formal study as well as in the workplace, through learnerships.
Acquiring the qualification through learnerships has the potential of addressing the problems of the past, where
newly qualified people getting into the industry struggled to get employment, because they were required to have
practical experience. The workplace experience can now be gained while acquiring the qualification through the various
learnership schemes that are using this qualification.

Grade 11 or equivalent qualification NQF 3 with English and Mathematics

Further Education and Training Certificate : Information Technology : Systems Development (NQF 4) - Module Breakdown

Communication 1st Language 20
Hardware Volume 1 6
Hardware Volume 2 18
Software 17
Mathematics 16
Communication 2nd Language 20
Web Application 6
Database Concepts Volume 1 10
Help Desk Technology 29
Advanced Programming Concepts 25

• Communicate effectively with fellow IT staff & users of information systems.
• Demonstrate an understanding of different types of computer systems and the use of computer
technology in business.
• Demonstrate an understanding of problem solving techniques, and how to apply them in a technical
• Demonstrate an understanding of Computer Technology Principles.
• Demonstrate an understanding of Computer Programming Principles.
• Work effectively as a team member within a development project environment.
• Carry out, under supervision, a small size task to demonstrate an understanding of the knowledge,
techniques & skills needed to understand the fundamentals of Computer Programming.

Career Pathways for this course?

  • Computer Technician
  • Project Planner
  • Data Capturer
  • Lab Assistant
  • Junior Programmer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Computer Programmer
  • Data Centre Assistant
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