In 2017 all students registering for degrees & diplomas for the first year will receive a FREE Vodacom 10 inch Tablet PC including a 2 Year warranty, 16 GB Memory Card, BlueTooth Keyboard, support lectures, e-Books & e-Libraries and 500Mb monthly data for 12 months.


The Tablet PC being lightweight and portable, allows students to study for their relevant qualifications wherever and whenever it suits them. Each Tablet PC is pre-loaded with relevant learning material for each student’s qualification.


world class technologyThis includes global podcasts of experts’ opinions on pertinent subjects; online entry to the Integrated Campus Administration System and e-Library for assignments, accounts information and examination results.


This initiative has transformed Teaching & Learning by providing a more dynamic and interactive classroom experience that has paved the way for a more effective e – Learning rollout. The Tablet PC and the accompanying access to technology will change the way students and lecturers interact.


Tablets are currently the most well-known and sought after technological devices and are in huge demand for every aspiring student. These innovative devices have created a platform for effective communication and combines access to all in one convenient, connected device…a game changer.


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