Distance LearningStudying through Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology’s Distance Learning has the benefit of allowing you to develop your career without having to leave employment, or to pursue a qualification when family or other personal commitments make full time study on campus impractical.


Distance learning now enjoys a key role in many of the world’s higher education systems and it is likely to expand in the future as new ways of teaching and studying which make use of new technologies, especially in the digital divide, become available. As an institution committed to Digital Information Technology (DIT) Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology is becoming the centre for “mLearning” and is committed to the further development of flexible learning systems.


In distance learning, students acquire course knowledge principally through their study of texts and other electronic media such as a: PC, tablet, laptop, iPad or cellphone. They are assessed in much the same way as for other modes of learning. There is often provision for some face-to-face tuition, although this is not as substantial as it is in conventional full-time learning. Instead, there is a more intensive use of communications such as email, Skype, YouTube and other audio-visual media.