Strike declared “Unlawful” by Labour Court

Following our submission of interdict papers to the Labour Court of SA, Johannesburg, Richfield asked the Honorable Justice for an immediate injunction against PRISAWU and all striking employees.


The Honorable Labour Court of Justice, SA, Johannesburg has issued a Protection Order in favour of Richfield as follows:

1 Declaring the violent conduct by PRISAWU and its individual members in furtherance of their unprotected industrial action to be unlawful;

2 Declaring the strike embarked upon by the individual respondents to be unprotected;

3 Interdicting and Restraining the individual respondents from persisting with the following conduct:

3.1 Blocking access and egress to and from All Richfield premises countrywide;

3.2 Intimidating non-striking employees, student, tenants and any other persons as they attempt to accept to access the premises;

3.3 Assaulting non-striking employees or other persons, including security guards, who are assisting Richfield;

3.4 Putting chains and locks on the premises in an attempt to prevent access and exit to and from the Campuses; and

3.5 Carrying brandishing displaying or using of dangerous weapons including traditional weapons.

4 On the 9th May the Labour Court Issued an Order declaring PRISAWU to publically call upon the its Members to;

  • abide by the provisions of the Court Order.
  • to stop the unlawful conduct and actions, for example the blockading of entrances and exits to ALL Richfield sites and from participating in violence and intimidation. They should contact their UNION or Management should they need any further explanation of the Court Order.

Click here to read the full Court Order