RICHFIELD Awarded Diamond Arrow award in business sector

RICHFIELD GRADUATE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY was Awarded the Diamond Arrow award in the business sector: IT Training Institutions



The highly acclaimed PMR awards were held at Coastlands in Umhlanga 14 November 2016, with key business leaders from a number of sector. The award is recognized in the industry to award brands for their institution is an undisputed leader in the respective industry. The award is an indication of an institution’s competencies within their field.


The events is a culmination of a research process where companies and institutions are rated based on respondents’ perceptions with a strong focus on evaluating and measuring customer service and customer satisfaction.


Based on the survey on the KwaZulu-Natal Province conducted during July, August 2016, in Kwazulu-natal province. This is the highest rated on an overall rating to receive from the ratings.


Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology won the PMR Africa, Diamond Arrow Award 2016 : IT Training Institution : Outstanding 1st overall for doing most in the education sector for stimulating economic growth and development of the KwaZulu-Natal Province.


PMR Africa, Diamond Arrow Award 2016 : IT Training Institution


Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology, formerly known as PC Training and Business College, commenced operations in 1998. Richfield made the decision in 2015 to change the name of the institute and do a complete rebranding. This rebranding saw better programme structures, a new Senate and faculties that are in line with those adopted by universities around the world – allowing Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology to compete on equal footing with various other universities around South Africa.


Jay Ramnundlall, CEO of Richfield indicated that the organization has grown from strength to strength and this can be attributed to the dedication and hard work of staff around the country. The organisation continuously strives in improving the quality of teaching, by integrating technology into the curriculum to improve success rates.


“Richfield is South Africa’s most affordable Higher Education Institution and has been operating successfully for the past 25 years, with 33 Higher Education campuses and 40 TVET campuses open nationally. The Institution has earned a place in the hearts of over 250 000 graduates who have successfully completed a range of qualifications, providing a critical service to those seeking a brighter future, by educating themselves for the world of work.” says Ramnundlall,


Collecting the PMR Africa -Diamond Arrow Award 2016 : IT Training Institution, Prof Theuns Pelser Head of Graduate School of Business & Leadership-UKZN, Dr Muni Kooblal Chief Academic Officer Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology, Yuven Naidoo Chief Strategy Officer Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology, John Hattingh CEO of PMR Africa.