Short Learning Programme: Service Technician (A+)

Faculty Of  • SAQA ID No.  • NQF4 • 53 Credits • 

To Demonstrate the technical operations and functioning of a PC as well as repair, service, upgrade and maintenance of the machine.

Brief description of Content:
The Service Technician Short Learning Programme is structured similar to the A+ Certificate that is the international benchmark for a computer service technician covering the following concepts: Hardware Troubleshooting, Repair and
Maintenance Installation of Operating Systems and Software and Networking and Security.
The learners completing the portfolio route will have to achieve all the identified unit standards in order to be
competent :
• Explain the Principles of Computer Networks
• Describe the types of computer systems and associated Hardware configurations
• Demonstrate an understanding of local area computer networks by installing a networked workstation
• Demonstrate an understanding of Wide area computer networks, comparing them with Local area Networks
• Install and commission a local area computer network
• Monitor and maintain a multi-user networked operating system
• Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of multi- user computer operating systems
• Administer a local area computer network
• Install networked computer application software
• Demonstrate an understanding of computer network communication
• Apply the principles of supporting users of local area networks
• Install a local area network
•Describe computer cabling

NQF 3, equivalent or alternate admission can be achieved via a RPL process.

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