Short Learning Programme: Programme in Basic Electronics

Faculty Of  • SAQA ID No.  • NQF5 • 15 Credits • 

The purpose of this programme is to develop the basic knowledge and application of electronics, electronic components and technology regarding resistors, capacitors, semiconductors.

Brief description of Content:
• Electric Charge
-Open, closed and Short Circuit
• Direction of current Flow
-Direct current
-Alternating Current
-Types of Resistors
-Colour coding of resistors
-Power rating of resistors
-Ohm’s Law
-Electric power
-Power Dissipation in Resistors
-Choosing Resistor for circuit
• Series circuits
-Series IR Voltage
-Drop Series Circuit
-Total power in series Circuit
-Parallel Circuit
-Resistance in Parallel Circuit

Senior Certificate or an equivalent NQF Level 4 qualification. In the event of an application for the Recognition of Prior Learning the learner will be required to submit a portfolio of evidence of relevant experience, in a prescribed format, to be assessed for formal recognition.

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