Short Learning Programme: Entrepreneurial Skills

Faculty Of  • SAQA ID No.  • NQF4 • 14 Credits • 

This Unit Standard is aimed at giving the learners a fundamental understanding of the importance of innovation in business success. The learner will gain knowledge of specific techniques for releasing creativity in the development a viable business venture. It is for learners who are required to identify and develop within themselves, the personal characteristics of an entrepreneur that ensure the successful operation of a new venture. It also introduces the learner to the economic, administrative and behavioural (psycho-social) barriers that contribute to the success in starting and sustaining an enterprise. The learner will develop strategies to work effectively in a group and set personal goals in an entrepreneurial context. It is aimed at learners who wish to identify and screen new ideas and/or opportunities with the intention of establishing and/or participating in a new venture.

Brief description of Content:
• Develop specific techniques for releasing creativity in developing ideas/opportunities for a new venture.
• Determine the role of innovation in the development and growth of a new venture.
• Apply principles and practices of innovation in the development and growth of a new venture.
• Describe entrepreneurship.
• Describe the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.
• Develop individual entrepreneurial characteristics.
• Explain methods to enhance an entrepreneurial profile.
• Identify and assess own business ideas/opportunities for a new venture.
• Analyse the viability of a selected idea/opportunity against specific screening variables.
• Research the potential of a particular idea/opportunity as a new venture.
• Analyse a range of risks associated with a new venture.
• Evaluate new

• Learners accessing this qualification will have demonstrated competence in Computer Literacy, Mathematical Literacy and
Communications at NQF level 3 or equivalent.

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