Short Learning Programme: Effective Workplace Management

Faculty Of  • SAQA ID No.  • NQF4 • 20 Credits • 

This programme is intended for all persons working in Administration in commercial and non-commercial organisations. It is also intended for other people who have the task of managing service providers to an organisation. This Unit Standard is intended for employees in the Local Employment and Skills Development Practices sector. It could be utilised in other, related fields as well.


It is intended for learners working in Administration in commercial and non-commercial organisations and is intended to enable them to manage administrative records. It is also applicable to learners working in other sub-fields who are responsible for keeping records of an administrative nature. It is for all persons involved in Administration in commercial or non-commercial organisations and who have the responsibility of developing Administrative procedures to make the Administrative component of the organisation more effective and efficient and so aid the organisation to attain its mission, vision and objectives.