Short Learning Programme: Bookkeeping & Trial Balance (ICB)

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A skills programme introducing a learner to source documents, Value Added Tax (VAT), the rules of double entry, subsidiary journals, the general ledger and trial balance, bookkeeping for the different inventory systems, as well as bank and creditors reconciliations. This programme will provide skills for the Accounts Clerk (the individual who processes monthly financial transactions) and the Debtors and Creditors Clerk functions.

Brief description of Content:
• An introduction to basic business, bookkeeping and accounting
• Value Added Tax
• PoE administration
• Formative Evaluation 1
• Recording credit transactions
• Inventory systems
• Formative Evaluation 2
• Debtors and creditors
• Bank reconciliation
• Creditors reconciliation
• General ledger reconciliation

A Grade 10 certificate or an equivalent Level 2 qualification as registered on the NQF.

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