Community engagement is one of three core responsibilities of Higher Education, alongside research and teaching. As an Institution of Higher Learning Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology is perfectly positioned to use its skill and knowledge base as well as facilities and infrastructure to empower and assist communities.


Community Engagement

The Institution sees Community Engagement as a key priority and therefore it is entrenched in our strategic objectives and in the vision and mission statements. The Institution feels that it is imperative to be responsive to the educational, cultural, economic, industrial, environmental and social needs of South Africa.


At Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology, Community Engagement is not treated as a separate function, but is considered integral in all aspects of teaching and learning. The focus is particularly on areas where the Institution has proven competencies that can alleviate developmental and capacity problems in identified communities.


The primary concern of our Community Engagement is to assist in making difference through the upliftment, development and supporting the communities. The Institution prides itself on not just becoming involved in projects but also implementing expertise in an innovative manner to achieve sustainable improvement in the community. We endeavor to integrate our CE projects with various research that would benefit the community. In order to assist Grade 12 learners in preparing for their final examinations, Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology together with the Department of Education and Avusa Media, compiles an educational Supplement. This tool is used by Grade 12 learners to improve results and increase access into higher education. The Institution also rolls out a national project, known as The Career Guidance Programme, through visitation at schools. Our Richfield team goes far and wide to schools across all borders to ensure that our future leaders are properly guided in making the best career choice for themselves. We visit over 300 schools on a yearly basis bringing a sense comradeship and a whole lot of fun and laughter, to these schools with students even winning bursaries to study at our Institution.


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